Principal's Message


I immense pleasure to welcome all the students in our college. We have a dedicated teaching staff that opens doors to students, but at the same time expects them to enter themselves. We can provide more personal support and increase access to opportunities in the areas chosen by each student.

Without Students and Staffs support this triumphant journey is impossible. I thank all the students for their generous investment in time, talent and resources. Thank you parents for your continued support at every step we take and thank you for your trust in us. On behalf of the entire GASC Peravurani team, I said that without their help, we will not be able to achieve our goals. I am very grateful for the respect we have built with you over the years. Thank you for entrusting your child's future, believing that we mold and shape their minds, enrich their souls, and ignite their spark of lifelong learning.

We also offer this coveted honour to all students, demonstrating excellence and achieving through not only academic but also in the field of art, creativity, sports and debate. I am proud of your dedication and respect.

I take this opportunity to recognize the hard work of our dedicated staff who work 24 hours a day, so that your college is always on top of success.