About College


Government Arts and Science College is located in Peravurani panjayat town, Thanjavur District on behalf of Government of Tamilnadu. According to the request of Thanjavur district people the Government of Tamilnadu issues the GO No. 97 on 14/06/2013 by Honorable Chief Minister Selvi J. Jeyalalitha to build New college in Peravurani town. After inspection of proper studies the students inspection were carried out by the order of Honorable Chief Minister Selvi J.Jeyalalitha. The first classes started on the 13.09.2013 for the academic year 2013 onwards. The Peruvarani town has been temporarily build the most backward-campus hostel. At present, construction of 3.11 hectares is completed at 7 crores 95.5 lakhs. From this day, New College has been teaching its education service to the country.

Learn for future, Practice your daily life, be a successful man.

Jai Hind.